Saturday, November 5, 2011


the eternal word that brings people to God.  the word that makes others want to be around other human beings forever.  the word that makes for a tenuous relationship and a smooth one.  the word that is the hardest to define and yet the easiest to understand.  love can bring us together and some do not understand that.  some see the love freely given and run far, far away from it.  some wonder what the motives are behind the love that is given without cost.  a covenant, if you will, not a contract.  a one sided deal that says:
 i love you, period.  i have no expectations that you will love me in return or that you will even look at what i have done with any sort of acknowledgement, and yet...i love you.  i will not stop loving you, i will love you forever even when you say i am nothing or i am a waste of time.  the ends of the earth will not stop my love for you.  i hope you come to understand that my love for you is something that will never end. until that time i wait and i communicate my love to you in obvious ways that you may not see (or choose to ignore).  i really do not understand why you are so afraid of my love that you once accepted willingly.  but i guess i don't have to, i will just continue to love, period.
who would run away from that sort of love?

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